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The Beauty of Irony

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

A wolf looking at the camera
The lone wolf

Life has its ironic moments. I believe the best ones are instigated by God, and I think He finds great humor in our ironic moments when we realize that life isn't like we plan - it's better than we expected. He smiles as we breathe a relieving sigh with, "Wow, I never imagined THAT."

Irony is the land in which I currently find myself, and yes, it is a land I never could have imagined. Truth be told, I thought my life would be following the status quo by now: married, family, a house with a white picket fence. I used to believe I would be okay with that. Now, I know better. I know that God's plan is better and, in His hands, my life is not meant to be average. Some people might think I am missing something by being single (and not in a current relationship) and a bit aloof to have altered my career and making the choice to go back to school when I could be living cozy with a salary that pays the bills on time.

Yet, the real irony is that right now I am finding a different kind of happiness I have never felt before. Things are not settled and I am busier than ever, and I am okay with it. I just started a new job at low pay and in the busiest office on campus, and I am about to start a full load of classes again. And I am more inspired to dream and believe in possibilities than ever before.

I have come to the edge of the cliff and I am feeling the wind on my face, and as I close my eyes I can hear God calling out, "Come higher." And so I open my arms and I leap forward. Maybe I will fall. Who knows? But even a bird has to jump from the nest before it can fly. And I have a feeling I will be flying. As the beauty of irony often shows us that what we think will happen is just the opposite.

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