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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Linda Carter as Wonder Woman

If we could all be Super Heroes, right?!

Much like the rest of you, I was super excited about the new Wonder Woman movie. Great writing. Great quotes. Inspirational, right? I did like it. I only wish I had loved it as much as I loved Wonder Woman growing up.

Growing up in the 70's and 80's, Linda Carter's Wonder Woman was simply awesome. She was strong and courageous, but she was also accessible. She looked great in her American iconic outfit, but she also looked normal. She looked a lot like my mom.

The point is, she was a true princess example to every girl. I remember putting on my American decor bathing suit, covering my riding boots with bright red socks, making a gold lasso out of rope, and cutting out cardboard and covering it with aluminum foil for wrist bands and a head band. I became Wonder Woman right there in my kitchen. I felt unstoppable!

I wish I could have kept that courage throughout my life. But life is as an adult is hard, even painful at times. And when we are forced to adult, we tend to forget what it means to abandon all reason and just believe; just have faith that we can be anything, do anything.

I wish I could go back and run with free abandon as I once did, my golden lasso twirling through the air. Anything was possible then. I know there is still a lot that is possible now, but I'd like to feel that kind of freedom a child gets when they discover something new. Something that inspires them to dream. To wonder. To hope. To believe.

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