Hurray, for Hollywood and the Lone Coyote

Updated: 5 days ago

If you had asked me even a year ago if I thought I would be in Hollywood one day, I probably would have said yes. There are some times and some places in your life that you just know are going to happen, and so the thought becomes a dream, and one day the dream becomes a reality. My personal motto is "Living Life on Purpose" and that means my #1 goal is to live my dreams.

It's 2009, and I am currently in Los Angeles getting ready to start a screenwriting program for the summer. The weather is beautiful with the mountains looming around me. Last night a lone coyote came down from his hideout in the hills to check out where I am living. I nearly ran him over, but not to worry, he was smart enough to stop and wait for me to drive past. Luckily he didn't stay long, but I know he is out there and hopefully blissfully howling at the moon each night.

I have learned my way around Burbank and I like it a lot. I think if I move here, this is the area I would want to live. Until then it's up to the Almighty. For now, I wait to get started and enjoy walking over stars on the ground that remind me that very nearby someone is making history.

It might as well be me.

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